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Wow! Your before and afters are STUNNING. I really did a double-take on some of those to be sure I was really looking at the same rooms. Beautiful!

What did you do with the South Riding dog???

Kidding--these are wonderful! I'm a sucker for B&A photos.

I actually wish he was at the foot of the sectional sleeping blissfully. I should have some more awesome B&A in about a month.

I found you from Hooked on Houses and so glad I did. Your "afters" look really nice and it is always good to see a great local designer doing her "thing.


I looove that dining room color in the first pic -- exactly what I was planning but was hesitating. It's amazing! Can you tell me the color? You do amazing work!

Holy Moly! Amazing before and afters... so inspiring!

Those are amazing! The transformations you made taking a house to a home were incredible.

Wow! I got sent here by Hooked on Houses. And I'm so glad I stopped by! These make-overs are just incredible!

Thanks for sharing!

Greetings from Norway!

Just found you vie Julies blog Hooked on Houses oh my gosh you are trully amazing an an insperation, thanks so much for showing those photos you have the eye thats for sure Elaine ;)

The color in the top pic is Ben Moore Grandfather Clock Brown 2096-30. It is a nice medium Chocolate Brown that has some Reddish undertones.

Wow, I agree with Julia, had to back-up to make sure it was the same room. Beautiful and warm transformations. Thank you for the treat.

HOLY CRAP! Good stuff!

I came to your site from a recommendation from Leslie at Lazy Moms and love what you have done with the rooms you've showcased here. Coincidentally, I happen to live in South Riding. It's a small world!

Oh my gosh, my mouth DROPPED at the first picture of the redone dining room! That is AMAZING. Seriously amazing. You have some serious talent!

And -- where did you get the wonderful couch in the last picture? The sectional couch with the blue ottoman/"coffee table"? I LOVE the lines on it.

The sectional is from Norwalk and is upholstered in Sunbrella fabric. This family needed durability and function. They have four kids and two big dogs.

I'm in love with the bud vases in the "Broadlands Dining Room". Can you tell me where I could purchase them (or something similar)?

Wow!!!!!!!!!! you really do a wonderful job, is not fair other people steal your ideas. Please check the following website's portfolio.

WONDERFUL WORK!!! I have a couple of questions about color/design. Example - Arlington B & A ... I noticed that the color of the crown/base boards have transformed from white to black. Did you change that throughout the whole house or is a room by room basis? Also is that wall paper or paint? Can you tell me where I can purchase the nature photos above the fire place in Arlington After photo?
Do you travel/decorate out of state?

stumbled on your site Kristin on google images... wow! you are a genius! beautiful work

Absolutely stunning!
its hard to believe the befores and after shots are of the same house.
Really like the rugs you have used.


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